Education for media
The project encourages studying of media culture and with its complex contents it is connected to many subjects of regular educational system, such as: literacy, oral and verbal expression, art and its application in media, it introduces basics of journalism and legality of modern media literacy, it investigates history of Croatian press and radio journalism, emphasising importance to respect the culture of speech and sustaining of Croatian language.
Encouraging development of stronger spoken and written expression relevant to legality of contemporary media.
Bringing into awareness importance of media as additional resource of learning.
Encouraging creativity of the youth for media presentation.
Sensibilization of media for needs of evaluation and monitoring the activities of children and the youth.

Beneficiaries: pupils from elementary schools in Zagreb, pupils from “Suvag” and “Slava Raškaj” Centers and pupils from community of displaced persons (Dumače).
No. of beneficiaries: 190

Duration: 2006/07 school year

Project leader: Nenad Goll, journalist
journalists/professors: Tomislav Šikić, Domagoj Kolar, Ana Baurer, Karolina Bošnjak, Marija Fijala, Sanda Popović, Petra Pajić

Note: The project has been entirely carried out with the support of only 20. 000 kn. given by Coca Cola Beverages and without its help it would have been completely discontinued. Therefore we would like to offer them our gratitude.




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