Growing up with the media
Due to great interest of parents and pedagogues the implementation of the media project for children continues and expands in ten new children's day nurseries. Parents are also included in presentations and workshops on regular basis in 2007. All workshops are held with inevitable presence of educators/rehabilitation experts/psychologists from children's day nurseries.

Project leaders:
Maja Šopar, journalist
Zvjezdana Stančić, journalist
Ivana Mioč, sociologist
Nina Cesarec, pedagogue

No. of expert associates: 10

Children from children's day nurseries: “Botinec”, “Bukovac”, “Kustošija”, “Remetinec”, “Utrine”, “Vrapče”

Duration: 2006/7 school year
No. of new beneficiaries up to April 2007:
grown ups 90
children 120

Note: Civitas, together with pedagogues from children's day nurseries is carrying out a minor research concerning children’s consideration in regard of media content presented to them. These results will be forwarded to the relevant educational institutions.




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