Media in the eyes of a child
I. Exhibition in collaboration with Croatian Home Petrinja and
II. Exhibition in collaboration with Topusko District

Creative workshops, making exhibition posters with the topic “Media climate in children's eyes”. Exhibition present children's and the youth's works from day nurseries, elementary schools and high schools as well as Centers for youth with difficulties: “S.S. Kranjčević” ES, “M. Krleža” ES, “M. J. Zagorka” ES, ES of “Suvag” Polyclinic, “Slava Raškaj” Centre, “Dubrava” Centre, “I. G. Kovačić” ES village Gora/Nebojan/Dumače, day nurseries: “Botinec”, “Bukovac”, “Kustošija”, “Utrine”, “Voltino”, “Vrapče”.

Exhibition: Altogether about a hundred posters have been displayed on two exhibitions.

Directing the attention of educational institutions, educators, parents and especially media to the significant role that media contents have in process of socialization and influence on child's healthy growing up. Directing the attention to the ethical codex being violated more and more often in media. Presenting considerations, reactions and attitude of children and the youth towards acceptance and dealing with media content presented to them.




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