Consultative phone line for children and grown ups
Media contents protect commercial interests at larger extent not taking much care for significance of their role in regard of education and growing up of the youth. Influence of media violence on child's physical and mental development has initiated many discussions throughout years. Civitas project of “Consultative phone line for children and grown ups” is trying to gather information of how children experience media content. It is also trying to carry out parts of the program “Education for media” with the team of experts: through educational workshops in order to help young consumers and their educators/parents to deal with contemporary media scene.

Making it possible to children, their parents and the public to give their comments, suggestions and information regarding appropriate and inappropriate media contents. Forwarding gathered information to relevant media institutions as well as pedagogues in educational institutions.
Education of parents as media trainers.

Encouraging public discussions and respect of ethical media standards.

Leaders of the line:
Prof. Nina Cesarec, pedagogue
Sanda Popović, rehabilitation expert
Ivana Mioč, sociologist
Team of press and electronic media journalists.

Note: The project was applied to MOBS. No resources were given by them (not even to cover the expenses of heating, electricity, phone, internet, fax and postal charges...).
All educators and those working on the phone line are highly educated experts and they are all volunteering. Therefore we ask for help to keep the “Consultative phone line for children and grown ups” running.

Contact: every day from 10-13h

Tel. 01/ 4923 398
Fax 01/4923 407




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