Through the game to the school bell
Educational rehabilitative workshops with integrated approach meant for preschool-age children and early school-age children with hearing and speaking difficulties, children with major difficulties and children without difficulties.

Goals (specific):
Achieving optimal conditions with children with difficulties for their inclusion in school environment.
Developing verbal-linguistic communication and cognitive abilities.
Developing positive self image, positive emotions: trust, calmness, confidence and positive personality characteristics.
Developing social skills (cooperation, respect for others, resolving conflicts calmly).

Goals (general):
To make it possible for preschool-age children and early school-age children with verbal-linguistic difficulties as well as those without difficulties to spend good quality free time during long summer months, participating in integrative workshops with objective of their better socialization and better readiness for school.

Project leaders:
Sanda Popović, rehabilitation expert
Ljljana Rubčić, speech pathologist
Karolina Bošnjak, prof. phonetics
Petra Pajić, speech pathologist
Prof. Nina Cesarec, pedagogue
Prof. Jadranka Šarac, psychologist
Ivana Mioč dipl. sociologist
Maja Šopar/Zvjezdana Stančić project coordinators

June, July and August 2007.




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