Civitas, scientists and media against violence
The project continues through implementation of campaign and educational workshops carried out by scientists and Civitas expert team. Workshops are realized in schools, Institutes, laboratories and Universities.

Project leader: prof. dr. sc. Ivan Đikić

Some of elaborated subjects:
"Importance of ambition of learning and work continuity for being successful in science and life in general"
"Seriousness and attitude towards values are built since early age of growing up"
"How to come to scientific discovery?"
"Science as a creative discipline"
"Getting familiar with scientists' work at their Universities, laboratories,
"The importance to analyze media presentations adequately"
"Developing skills to create active attitude towards media"

elementary and secondary schools students

During only two months by June 2009, the project was presented in over 30 schools and realized in the following:
Zagreb - ES "Trnsko", "Marija Jurić Zagorka", "Pantovčak", "Bukovac" , "Velika Mlaka", "Lučko", "Tin Ujević" and "VII gimnazija Zagreb"
Velika Gorica - ES "Eugen Kumičić"
Rijeka - ES "Podmurvice"
"Prva šušačka hrvatska gimnazija u Rijeci"
Marija Bistrica - ES "Marija Bistrica"
Mihovljan - ES "Ljudevit Gaj"

Civitas request

Several teams of young scientists have been included in the project, several hunderds eminent names of Croatian intellectuals have signed the campaign, great number of Civitas experts have been actively engaged in carrying out the project. Unfortunately, for all this no one helped supporting the project financially with the exception of MZSS. In this way we would like to thank MZSS sincerely. Many requests have been sent out in the name of Civitas, especially regarding a new vehicle that would help team experts to visit schools and institutions around Croatia safely and without fear. Therefore in this way once again we would like to address possible donors. In the next few months the project is expanding to other towns and villages around Croatia. Also, we expect to hear finally from the mayor of Zagreb considering that the project is carried out mostly in this area.
Once again we would like to thank everybody who signed the campaign. We would like to thank all head-masters, educators, professors, parents and students who recognized the importance of the project: "Civitas, scientists and media against violence." We would also like to express gratitude to colleague journalists who have been helping us since the beginning of the project. By covering the project they have helped in its realization. With this positive approach you have all become our greatest moral strength which binds us but also encourages us to persist with our work regarding quality achievements of goals that we have set.





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