Civitas goals

Civitas goals:

Promoting of civil society through media

These goals are realized through:

Carrying out educational and creative projects with the aim of respecting human rights, civil culture, cultural heritage, protection of the environment.

Organizing and realizing educational-creative programs, especially those related to the media upbringing of children and youth.

Carrying out a program with integrational forms of work (children and youth with special needs) and taking on the task of bringing awareness to the media for a stronger recognition of these needs.

Encouraging, including and introducing youth to the significance of volunteerism.

Setting up cooperation with individuals and organizations of Croatians in the diaspora with the aim of developing the organization's work and programs.

Publishing of books and magazines, organizing exhibits.

Educational workshops with the aim of addiction prevention.

Educational activities and carrying out of practical workshops with the aim of promoting healthy living and good health through conventional and non-conventional methods.

Carrying out educational rehabilitative workshops/playgroups for children.

Developing a program of international cooperation with the aim of bringing media awareness to the global recognizability of spreading consciousness about the problems and needs of civil society.


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