Headlines and children's perceptions
How do children (in elementary and secondary schools) read headlines in the media?

Mothers also abuse their children
Our mothers are not abusers, and even if some are, is that something to put into headlines? Has any one of you journalists ever thought about how the children of such mothers would feel when they recognize themselves in the papers? I think that the children of such mothers will be even unhappier then.  Tara, age 16
Car drags dog until it bleeds to death
Things like this should be written about in order to stop animal abuse, but I feel sick because of this shocking headline.  Katarina, age 13
Crack and heroin on the streets, one hit 100 kuna
Great. Now we even have a price list. I have a suggestion – how about running a recurring price list. For example: how much a gram of heroin costs, cocaine, how much ecstasy goes for.  Ivana, age 13
Young Croats like ecstasy
Instead of such a headline it would be a lot smarter to open up healthy places where we can be in good company and not hide in the dark and take drugs, and yet you prey on these people, photograph them and put them in the media. Pathetic!  Josipa, age 14
Sold heroin at school and made 200 kuna per hit
– It’s as if though it’s not enough that drugs are being sold even in schoolyards, but now you have to write about how much the dealers are making? Why don’t you photograph them already so that we know who these dealers are.  Domagoj, age 12
Pula beats Zadar in number of drug users
What kind of headline is this? Have drug users now become sports players for you who compete between clubs and cities?  Stjepan, Jadranka and Lucija, age 13
Underage gangs reign
– It’s sad that you write mostly about these kids, and not about us who spend their time more usefully. We don’t reign on the streets but in school. But that doesn’t interest the media.  Jelena, age 15
Cheap drugs come to Macedonia
Should we buy train tickets immediately?   Jadranka, age 13
Priest commits lewd acts against underage girls
To me it’s irrelevant whether this is a priest, teacher or a cook. One’s occupation is secondary here, as this kind of act is punishable for all. Except that with this kind of headline, you sell more papers.  Nikola, age 14
Cigarettes make return to big screen
What are you communicating to us with this? The entire civilized world is removing cigarettes from even cafes while it’s as if you are celebrating its return? You are really rearing us well.  Mirela, age 15
Murdered woman, cut her stomach, took her baby
This is a horrifying headline. How could you even put such a headline, and such a long one at that? How horrid.  Afrodita, age 16
Doctors kill more people than traffic accidents
You journalists really have no heart. Shame on you, my father’s a doctor and he saves people in accidents and he doesn’t kill anyone but saves them. My father says that someone should answer for such a headline.  Martin, age 10
Cocaine and heroin legal in Mexico
You took up more than half a page with this message and large headline. Maybe this kind of message for us young people means that we should fight for these kinds of laws in Croatia?  Josip, age 16
Crack arrives in Zagreb, cocaine and marijuana in Vinkovci
Journalists, we really should applaud you now because you have now given us signposts for where to go.  Željana, age 15
Mother puts dead child among meat in freezer
What a gross headline! I get sick now thinking of meat and just looking at a freezer. I think I will always see this headline and that photo when I look at frozen meat.  Anja, age 14
Religious societies more prone to crime, abortion and sickness
How do you even dare to impose such thoughts on us?  Igor, Sven, Martina, age 13
Squashed the heads of 3-month old kittens with their feet
Dear teachers, yours is a futile struggle for our education. You first have to educate editors to think about the headlines they put in their papers.  Anđela, age 15



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