Stumbling while coming of age/growing up

Victory of the new democratic-educational trend which we engage in teaching our youth/young generation by the rules „I am entitled to anything without resistance/opposition“ reflects spiritual state of a major part of those who refuse any kind of obligation that may possibly jeopardize their aspiration for „comfort“. Naturally, comfort without excessive effort. In that connection, on the route of contemporary „educational“journey even the slighest obstacle should not appear, which may, god forbids, not even in the least recognize „transformation“ of trend which brings duties to everybody except - yourself. These behavioural rules give our young generation right, at any moment of their growing up, without effort and difficulty, for their desire to be unconditionally respected, as well as their impertinence. Sometimes it goes so far that differences between those who teach and those who are supposed to be taught are not recognized. In addition, nobody is no longer surprised that models of „myself“ that is „to myself“ - are imposed as absolute models and they become one and the sole measure. This attitude, everything that surpasses, that excites what has been traditionally respected for centuries and as treasure is carried out remains unrecognized, since all checked values are only and exclusively established in oneself. Obviously, in that process, we, the grown ups should carefully monitor from the earliest steps and be careful not to impose ourself as authoritative tutor who does not respect absolute wishes of future „small rulers“ and who does not bend in front of deadly burden of our own and general social crises of disturbed values. It is to be expected that while respecting the new educational rules sooner or later, a question should be imposed to each parent who is even a little bit normal: do I not get free from the „burden“ of my own parent obligations in that way?
As a result of modern, democratic pedagogic rules, new generation should know better than their parents, who should actually not be called so, but they actually should be normally disempowered of such duties and children should be authorized to be parents of their own parents. This is all in accordance with more frequent behaviour of small princes in „socks“ and this is completely with no logic, but surely brainless.

Zvjezdana Stančić, 15.8.2007.

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