CIVITAS - ZAGREB, a non-profit, non-governmental organization for the media promotion of civil society, was founded on 26 October 2001 at the initiative of journalists, lawyers, artists, pedagogues, psychologists, teachers and doctors.
The organization's main goals include (excerpt from Statute, article 8):
- developing a program that encourages media and public understanding toward the authentic activities of the civil scene
- developing an "Education for Media" program at all educational levels - introducing teachers, educators and parents to the role and influence of the media on a child's growth and development
- organizing and carrying out of educational and rehabilitative programs for children and youth with the aim of promoting and adopting healthy life habits, acceptance of differences, responsibility towards one's self and others, protection of nature and the environment for a healthy life and healthy development
- informing the public on the state of freedom and openness of the media for civil society
- concern and care regarding opening up media space to vulnerable groups
- developing a program of international cooperation for sensitising the media towards a global recognition of spreading awareness on the problems and needs of civil society

Guiding principles: Respecting and accepting different viewpoints, independence in the organization's work, responsibility of the individual and collective responsibility of the organization's members.
Activities: Carrying out of projects and programs on a local, national and international level through thematically targeted actions.
Work methodology: Providing of information, education, cooperation.
Membership: regular, nominal, supporting, honorary

Regular membership is open to every person of age wishing to become involved in the work and activities of the organization.
Nominal membership is comprised of the young beneficiaries of the educational projects (members are signed in at their own personal request by parents/guardians).
Supporting membership is available to all those who support the goals and principles of the work of the organization but who are unable to be more actively involved in its activities.
Honorary members are nominated by the organization's Council and president.

All educational projects are carried out exclusively within the scope of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and the Zagreb City Office for Health, Work and Social Welfare.



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