Designed for educators, teachers and parents in view of the importance of understanding the role of media in a child’s socialization and growing up with regards to all social factors: kindergarten, school, health institutions, family.

Objectives: stimulating children’s affinity toward media content that has an influence on desired social behaviour. Building a stand towards media consumerism and inclusion of the teacher and educator in a new educative role in view of rational interpretations of media expressions. Stimulating appreciation...

Points to the recognizability of positive attributes important for establishing interpersonal trust, self-respect and tolerance. The project educates beneficiaries in accepting conscious two-way responsibility towards the contemporary media world.

Objectives: constructing new viewpoints and value systems that promote and protect human dignity, shaping abilities in using argumentation and clear personal expression, stimulation of social skills for establishing quality interpersonal relationships in new circumstances

Project leaders:...

This project opens up questions of inadequate media engagement concerning the health education of the public.

Objectives: cooperation and quality partnership between the health care system, the media and schools within the framework of education concerning the prevention of addictions

Project leaders: prof. Sanda Popović, rehabilitation expert; prof. Željka Šemper, rehabilitation expert
Duration: March – April – May – June 2003
No. of expert leaders: 8
Beneficiaries: pupils from: “Bukovac” ES, “Marija Jurić Zagorka” ES, “Miroslav...


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