Civitas in co-operation with «Bukovac» ES is carrying out «Little School of Public Speaking».

The project is based on introducing pupils to importance of speaking eloquently, studying history

of public speach, communication exercises, active listening, persuasive speach, working on

diction, quick reactions, exercising public appearance and introducing pupils to nonverbal

communication. During implementation of the project video and audio records of professinonal

speakers are used as well as exercises with the use of...

Educational rehabilitative workshops with integrated approach meant for preschool-age children and early school-age children with hearing and speaking difficulties, children with major difficulties and children without difficulties.

Goals (specific):
Achieving optimal conditions with children with difficulties for their inclusion in school environment.
Developing verbal-linguistic communication and cognitive abilities.
Developing positive self image, positive emotions: trust, calmness, confidence and positive personality...

Throughout March, April and May Civitas expert team of rehabilitation experts/speech pathologists is carrying out educative workshops for children with multiple difficulties and hearing and speaking problems.
These workshops are carried out by speech pathologists/rehabilitation experts exclusively on volunteers' basis and are free of charge for all the registered children.

Project leaders: speech pathologists/rehabilitation experts
Duration: March, April and May 2007.
No. of beneficiaries:...

The project uses selected methods adjusted to preschool-age children to bring media culture closer to the youngest and to prepare them for involvement in the world of media that awaits for them stronger with beginning of their schooling. The project is held in day nurseries «Utrina», “Remetinec”, “Vrapče”, “Bukovac”, “Botinec”, “Kustošija” and in day nursery of Topusko District. Along with children, the project includes grown up beneficiaries: parents, pedagogues, educators.

Developing child's ability to accept useful side of media,...

Media contents protect commercial interests at larger extent not taking much care for significance of their role in regard of education and growing up of the youth. Influence of media violence on child's physical and mental development has initiated many discussions throughout years. Civitas project of “Consultative phone line for children and grown ups” is trying to gather information of how children experience media content. It is also trying to carry out parts of the program “Education for media” with the team of experts: through...

I. Exhibition in collaboration with Croatian Home Petrinja and
II. Exhibition in collaboration with Topusko District

Creative workshops, making exhibition posters with the topic “Media climate in children's eyes”. Exhibition present children's and the youth's works from day nurseries, elementary schools and high schools as well as Centers for youth with difficulties: “S.S. Kranjčević” ES, “M. Krleža” ES, “M. J. Zagorka” ES, ES of “Suvag” Polyclinic, “Slava Raškaj” Centre, “Dubrava” Centre, “I. G. Kovačić” ES village Gora/Nebojan/Dumače,...

Due to great interest of parents and pedagogues the implementation of the media project for children continues and expands in ten new children's day nurseries. Parents are also included in presentations and workshops on regular basis in 2007. All workshops are held with inevitable presence of educators/rehabilitation experts/psychologists from children's day nurseries.

Project leaders:
Maja Šopar, journalist
Zvjezdana Stančić, journalist
Ivana Mioč, sociologist
Nina Cesarec, pedagogue

No. of expert associates: 10

Children from...

The project encourages studying of media culture and with its complex contents it is connected to many subjects of regular educational system, such as: literacy, oral and verbal expression, art and its application in media, it introduces basics of journalism and legality of modern media literacy, it investigates history of Croatian press and radio journalism, emphasising importance to respect the culture of speech and sustaining of Croatian language.
Encouraging development of stronger spoken and written expression relevant to...
The project is based on the implementation of integrative expert workshops (pupils with difficulties) regarding prevention of addictions in children and the youth from “closed” environments. The project involves pupils from elementary school “Ivan Goran Kovačić” in village Gora, from community of displaced persons (Dumače), and pupils from regular schools: “Marija Jurić Zagorka”, “Bukovac” and “Slava Raškaj” Center in Zagreb.

Education in regard of bringing awareness to the role of the media with the goal of healthy living and...


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