The project continues through implementation of campaign and educational workshops carried out by scientists and Civitas expert team. Workshops are realized in schools, Institutes, laboratories and Universities.

Project leader: prof. dr. sc. Ivan Đikić

Some of elaborated subjects:
"Importance of ambition of learning and work continuity for being successful in science and life in general"
"Seriousness and attitude towards values are built since early age of growing up"
"How to come to scientific...
Educational workshops of media literacy:

What does professional literacy includes implicitly?
History of Croatian and global journalism.
How to create a good radio story?
Electronic media - unavoidable factor of contemporary growing up and communication.
Advertisement also needs to be understood.
Field work - visiting editorials, studios and printing offices.

Beneficiaries: ES "Eugen Kumičić" - Velika Gorica
Project leader: Domagoj Kolar, prof. journalist
Leaders: Civitas expert...

Educational program from segment of media literacy with emphasis on acquiring skills of professional literacy. Beneficiaries also learn history of Croatian journalism, get familiar with all media and the way in which they function and operate. Program also emphasizes importance of media in the domain of social responsibility and their public role.

Bringing closer importance of accepting media literacy to the youth.
Getting to know media through stories told by journalists themselves.
Awaking creative impulse for...

Educational rehabilitative workshops and individual rehabilitative treatments for children with hearing and speaking difficulties. The project was applied to City Office of Health in 2007 but it didn't receive any financial support. Since then rehabilitation experts have been carrying out the project on a daily basis without remuneration. Also since the beginning of 2009 rehabilitation experts have been working with children with multiple difficulties. Civitas has sent out many appeals to different companies but we have only received minor...

The project is carried out through educational workshops for final year students in primary and secondary schools. The project is carried out through educational workshops as well as through field work and visiting Commune (full aged beneficiaries).

Referring beneficiaries to approach media contents in a sensible way
Understanding principles in which media function
Deflection from virtual media constructed world
Addiction prevention with adequate expert education

Youth from...


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